Click on the “Log In” button in the menu (if you’re viewing this on a smartphone, the menu is a “burger menu” – the 3 stacked horizontal lines at the top right).

For members prior to 2024, your login is your email address.

The “Member Login” prompt has a link under the “Login” button that you can use to retrieve your username and password.

Welcome! First start by filling out an application by going to Membership: Join.  Fill out the required information and we will be in touch shortly with next steps once your information has been verified.

Each account requires:

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Annual Pool Waiver to be read and consented before the season
  • Photo for all adults on the account
  • Birthdates for all members on the account.
  • Add any additional immediate family, nannies, au pairs or grandparents as well at no extra charge – they are covered by your Family membership.

Yes, you can purchase guest passes via your account, or at the Front Desk or the Snack Shack.

To do so from your account:

  • Log into your account
  • Click on the Payments menu
  • Make a Payment
  • Update the number of Guest Passes to apply to your account (as of 2024, this is $10/pass).

Once purchased, guest passes will automatically be added to your account, and can be redeemed at the front desk during the check-in process.

Members may invite guests to join them at the pool. Every guest must be checked-in at the club house and appropriate fees must be paid. Payment can be made at the front desk, at the Snack Shack or on-line.

  • Guest-passes are tracked by a balance on your account.
  • Adult guests must be checked-in and supply their name at the front desk
  • Youth guests are not charged – your membership allows you to bring along any of your children’s friends.
  • Adults 18 and over can only attend as guests of a member, and will use up 1 guest pass per adult.
  • Guest adults can exercise this privilege just twice, after which they may opt for a membership.
  • Members must remain at the club with their guests at all times. If the member that signs the guest in to the club leaves, the guest must leave at the same time. No unaccompanied guests are allowed at the club at any time.
  • A member must be at least 12 years old to sign a guest into the club.
  • You can read more detail in section 3 of our “Rules and Regulations.”

The Pavilion will be available for parties to current members .  We are still building out the website, but we promise it will be a simple process! Check-back later or watch your inbox for an announcement.

Bonded Members are those who have paid a refundable bond at the time they joined the club, allowing them a discounted rate, eligibility to sit on the Board of Trustees and the ability to vote on any matter pertaining to the club.

Also called a “Bond Share,” it is a unit of ownership. The club sells bond shares to prospective members in accordance with its bylaws and then either repurchases or retires bonds when members leave the club.

We require memberships to be bond-holders, except for allowing a “trial-period” for first-year “non-bonded” memberships. After that trial year, memberships must be bonded.

As of January 2024, bonds cost $1500.

Contact the club Secretary by email at with any questions about bonds.

You can find and read them by clicking on this link.

You can read the by-laws of the club here. (Your browser will need the ability to open and view Adobe Acrobat PDF files to read this document).